Cattolica Life - Insurance company

Any good investment is designed in order to fairly balance risk and return.

In such a relation, the key factor for a successful investment is the diversification of the portfolio: a highly concentrated investment can offer excellent results in periods of bullish markets but can lead to substantial losses in bearish market conditions. In order to follow a correct approach to the financial markets, the weight of risky assets and defensive ones should be balanced so that the portfolio is able to increase its value over time without exposing the investor to massive fluctuations in its value.

The insurance products of Cattolica Life, such as Free Selection and Guida Life, offer a wide range of funds and investment proposals; on top of that they provide the investor with the possibility to modify the chosen asset allocation through a mechanism of Switch. In this respect, we invite all our customers to take advantage of the aforementioned opportunities, and to evaluate properly the degree of diversification in relation to their risk appetite with the support of their advisor.

Recall also the possibility to check at any time the performance of your investment by accessing the private area of the website “Home Insurance”.