Cattolica Life Designated Activity Company (DAC) is the life insurance company held by Cattolica Assicurazioni and partecipated by Banca Popolare di Vicenza for the 40%. Cattolica Life DAC provides attractive offshore investment opportunities to clients of the Group Cattolica Assicurazioni and Banca Popolare di Vicenza.
Both Irish and Italian staff represent Cattolica Life Dublin office. This balanced cultural mix facilitates communication with the Italian parent Company, clients and local Irish partners.
The combination of these factors translates into real value for customers and greater efficiency in the delivery of our products, which are developed in Ireland and sold via our counter network in Italy.
Why Dublin?
Cattolica Life established a Dublin office in 1998 in order to offer cross-border financial solutions for its clients. The Dublin location provides many advantages:
  • Liberal financial environment
  • Lower taxes
  • A consolidated network of financial advisors
  • Superior IT and telecommunications platform allows Cattolica Life to keep its sales network and its clients apprised of new investment opportunities on a real-time basis.

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